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Light Tower

Rental Midland

Light Towers have revolutionized the way workers perform their tasks at night and under low-lit conditions. Increase safety and complete the demanding and challenging nighttime operations on or before the scheduled time. Looking for immediate Light Tower Rental?

Light Tower Rental:

Used for a wide range of applications & industries

Light Towers for immediate rental at Midland-Odessa, TX location. We will provide you with the best rental options; light tower selection, flexible rental terms, and service needs.

Also offering light tower purchase options for new or used, other brands & models.


Oil & Gas

Rail & Motor Roads



Hotels & Resorts

Allmand & Wacker Light Towers available for rental

Allmand | Night-Lite Pro II® V-Series®

Allmand’s Night-Lite Pro II® V-Series® offers four different engine models to meet your jobsite needs. The V-Series® features a vertical tower with power cable encased in Nycoil™ flexible tubing to eliminate tangling and stretching, while protecting the tower wiring. The SHO-HD lamp fixtures provide 135,500 lumens per lamp, more than competitive light towers. With a 30 gallon polyethylene fuel tank and full fluid containment system holding up to 110% of all on-board fluids to protect sensitive environments from inadvertent leaks and spills. This dependable light tower will maximize your jobsite visibility and keep it running all through the night.

Wacker | Light Towers – Narrow Body – Versatile light towers deliver exceptional lighting

The LTN series of narrow body light towers are ideally suited for illuminating general job sites, site prep, concrete pours, specialty events, parking lots, road work and bridge work. A 30-foot adjustable tower rotates 360 degrees for optimum lighting flexibility. Quiet operation, the quietest in its class with sound levels as low as 67 dB(A) at 23 feet, offers maximum versatility for almost any applications. Large fuel tank allows for continuous lighting/run time.


  • Elliptical light fixtures offer excellent job site illumination that is diffused and more uniform without the harsh spotlight effect of standard light fixtures.
  • Lockable impact resistant plastic doors are rust and dent proof. Full-length doors also provide maximum accessibility for easy servicing.
  • Four-point jack stands provide for easy leveling, stability on uneven terrain and superior wind stability.
  • Mast-mounted base winch can be cranked while the operator is standing (eliminates bending) for improved ergonomics and easy operation. Some models feature dual power winches for quick set-up.
  • Fully equipped highway-ready trailer offers a 2-inch ball hitch, 13-inch tires, four ties downs, DOT lighting, VIN number and chains.

Wacker | Light Towers – Compact Vertical Mast – Versatile light towers deliver exceptional lighting

The LTV6 and LTV8 light towers combine the features and performance of traditional light towers in a small footprint. They are ideally suited for illuminating general job sites, site prep, concrete pours, specialty events, parking lots, road work and bridge work. The adjustable vertical mast extends 23 feet and can rotate 360 degrees for optimum lighting flexibility.


  • Compact design and foldable tongue allow transportation of up to 18 units on a 48 foot flatbed truck. Additionally, less space is taken up on site and in rental yards.
  • Extended service intervals lowers cost of ownership: 1,000 hours for Kubota engine and 750 for Kohler engine.
  • Fast set-up times and a 45-gallon fuel tank extends lighting time to over 95 hours.
  • Available with either Kohler (KDW1003) or Kubota (D1005 or D1105) engines. All models feature a Mecc Alte generator end.
  • Four 1,100 Watt metal halide lights standard, with LED optional, provide lighting for any application.

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